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84 thoughts on “We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 2

  1. For fucks sakes, this is the best thing I’ve ever read in years. PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEE, WE NEED MOOOORE…. But seriously, your creations are worth their own space and needs to be known. Somehow imma help ya get as many people to read your stuff, and if you take donations. Show us the way!! I’m sure many of us will be willing to provide so you can continue your craft. KEEP AT IT YO! (/._.)/

  2. Dude no chill. Best fight scene I’ve ever seen. Also it was funny hands down one of the web comics!!!

  3. Just WOW never laughed this hard before , have to share this with my friends in germany !! good work bro ! cant wait for the next chapter :3


    (this comic strip is very very awesome)

    • The serpent, the king, the tiger, the stinging wasp, the small child, the dog owned by other people, and the fool: these seven ought not to be awakened from sleep.
      Let us hope we never meet!

    • You fucking make me sick. Everything about you is scum. Not to mention you fucked that junkie cunt Erin.

  5. You know, other comedy comic industries should really take this whole website as role model, since it has just the right amount of adventure and comedy. Love it from the bottom of my heart and can’t wait to see it through. Keep going mate.

  6. Hilarious man, pure comedy gold. I discovered you earlier today through Reddit. It was your Steelix comic that hooked me. I spent a portion of the day reading all of your comics whilst having laughing fits from your silly drawings. If I had the funds I’d donate (in the future for sure 😉 Anyway, keep up the great work and I can’t wait for Chapter 3 of We Live In An MMO?!

    P.S. Your comics are the prime reason why I want to get into drawing. Crisp artwork with curve-ball comedy with a minimalist look. I love it. You inspire me dude!

  7. perfect, hope to see more and really hope you dont stop mid-way and half ass it like most do… not only you owe it to your comic, you owe it to your fans that spend their valuable time getting to know the characters and love the story… to preachy but noone will know it was me so…..;)

  8. Christ man i want you to do more comics, an animated show, short children s book, make a game and do my taxes……………. well …… GET TO IT!!!

    p.s. great chapter

  9. my good, how can you be this awesome?
    those faces LOL
    cant wait every saturday to read this, ty so much ❤

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