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  1. Is all the guys in the group raised up from the dead by Lu? Rando said that the hit was fatal and the mage (can’t remember the name) looked oddly serious when he said it, despite him always flaunting himself. And in the next 2 chapters when the other players wereally harassing Ms. Events lady, the mocked Lu by saying that her only friends aren’t alive. Whole I could be completely wrong, it just feels like a few details clicked for me

  2. The first one was already glorious, but this is the must hilarious thing I’ve ever seen dude!
    Can’t wait to ready the rest. 😀

  3. Not gonna lie, that last panel made me laugh HARD. Love JoJo, so that was gold. Think I’ll go ahead and become a patron now.

  4. Dude… dude… DUDE! I haven’t ever laughed so hard about a comic! And even scrolling back through it, and re reading it, I laugh… This doesn’t usually happen D=… Just… In terms of humour it seems to do everything right, the tempo, the lines, ESPECIALLY the art, and just the general delivery, everything’s exquisite. You should be very proud of yourself!

  5. That fight scenes are really REALLY fucking awesome.
    That seal is bloody awesome with her different appearence (buffed, cute etc.)
    And even the jokes fit in.
    Honestly fucking great shit

  6. I just can’t stop laughing at the seal joke. By the way, I’d definitely love to follow an anime drawn by you Rando.

  7. Man your comics are awesome, truly awesome. I laugh my ass off on every one. Regards from Costa Rica, you have one new fan in here.

  8. Amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t realize this was out until now. It’s too funny though. If I read this in school or at work I’d definitely get in trouble for laughing so hard.

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