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Why’d they remove this feature?!
An hour just to get a goddamn Pichu to appear in the FIRST PATCH OF GRASS IN THE FUCKING GAME is ridiculous!
Love the game though.

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  1. Bit late, but I think the reason is because of the game-breaking pokemon that could be caught more easily if they kept that feature, since you can get a level 12 Salamence at the last grass patch of route 3 if you make a Bagon call for help for long enough.

  2. Would you mind if I posted on your behalf on the application iFunny? I would credit you completely and link your website and everything, give full credit. I just feel bad because people steal these posts and they get tons of likes on there without giving you credit

  3. You could select a specific Pokemon to catch? What game was this in? HOW DID I MISS THIS?

    1. It was a feature called “Poke-Finder” in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Red and it was pretty cool.

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