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Heeeere’s Rando!

News » Heeeere’s Rando!
Hey everyone!
That’s right, Rando’s back, and boy do I have a lot to say!
It’s gonna be a long post, so to keep things organised, I’m going to categorise this post into 3 parts; ‘Explanation’, ‘Updates and Changes’, and the ‘Current Progress of MMO’s Chapter 6’.
Let’s get started then!
1.) Explanation
So let’s begin with why Rando’s supposed 4 week hiatus turned to into 10 weeks.
The answer is simple actually; family.
Immediately after I posted that I’d be going on a hiatus in August, a couple of things happened literally at the same time. One of which I won’t get into too much detail (but thankfully it’s over), and the other being GrandpaWis’ looming signs of dementia.
To oversimplify, both required my immediate attention for quite some time, and unfortunately, Grandpa still does.

Don’t worry though, it’s nothing too serious, but if it comes to a point where I have to push RandoWis aside (and I pray it never does), I’ll be sure to give everyone a heads up.


Thankfully though, Rando is able to come back, but with a few changes!
Good? Bad? I’ll let you decide!
2.) Updates and Changes
So as I was working on Chapter 6 during these past 10 weeks, I did a lot of thinking of how I could better provide RandoWis for you guys and also, myself.
The first thought I had was ‘NEVER DOING AN 80 PAGE RELEASE EVER AGAIN’.
The second thought I had was how I used to rush every weekend to produce a comic and doodle, while working on MMO too. Sometimes I’d end up sacrificing a comic because the doodles were taking too long to draw, and other times, family-time was the price.
Fret not, it’s not your fault! It’s the artist who can’t deliver!
The last thing I want is to burn out a second time,
so here are the changes that I have in mind:
Doodle Raffles will be conducted once every 2 weeks instead of every week.
Vote starts 18th Nov ►►► Results displayed on 2nd Dec
New vote starts 2nd Dec ►►► Results displayed on 16th Dec
…and so on.
Weekly comics will be released once every 2 weeks as well.
The plan is to release doodles and comics alternately every week.
2nd Dec → Doodles
9th Dec → Comics
16th Dec → Doodles
25th Dec → Comics
…and so on, again.
Not-So-MonthylyWis QnA will be open to all instead of Patron-Only.
(Let’s be honest though, we all thought this was dead.)
However, IF there is a MonthlyWis coming up, questions will be taken from 1 source at a time.
MonthlyWis Episode 4 → Questions from Facebook
MonthlyWis Episode 5 → Questions from Twitter
MonthlyWis Episode 6 → Questions from Patreon
…and so on, yet again.
Nah just kidding.
However, I am being serious when I said that I never want to do another 80 page release.
It’s ridiculous. You wait too long, I take too long.

I’m looking at the script for Chapter 7, and I can already foresee it being around 40-50 pages.


So this is what I’m gonna do:
Starting from Chapter 7, MMO Chapters will be released in PARTS.
Each PART will have not more than 25 pages.
So if Chapter 7 has 50 pages, it would most likely be released as:
Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 7 Part 2


I can’t say for sure how long it will take to produce each release like this, but I can guarantee it won’t take another 8 months.
In other words, less pages per release = more frequent releases.

I don’t want another 8 month production period, PLEASE!




So these are the changes that I currently have in mind.
Of course, I’d like to hear your thoughts about them first before implementing anything.

What do you think about these changes? Love ’em? Hate ’em?


Just a suggestion, but if there’s something in particular that you’d like to mention, you can indicate them in this manner:
“2a, I hate this idea you traitor.”
“2b, Thou shall be crucified for thy incompetence, thou rancorous shag-haired coxcomb.”
…and so on, YET again.

3.) Current progress of MMO Chapter 6


Remember when I said that I’d returned when Chapter 6 is done?
Well, apparently it seems that I lied.
We’re almost there though, expect a release very soon!
I’ll be sure to post EVERYWHERE once I can confirm the release date! (Again, very soon!)
Don’t forget though, Patrons get EARLY ACCESS!
I hope you’re all excited, because I sure am!
On a side note, I’ve been wanting to ask both Patrons and Non-Patrons a question.
Since I began my journey with Patreon, I’ve always felt that the rewards for MMO releases could be better than what they currently are;
Updates, Early Access, and Behind-The-Scenes.
However, I haven’t been able to come up with much ideas myself, ….probably because I’m too afraid to promise something that I’ll end up not being able to keep up with …like MonthlyWis. >_>
SO, my question is;
To my current Patrons, what would you like to receive as additional rewards for MMO releases?
To my Non-Patrons, what is it that would interest you as a reward on Patreon?
Do let me know in the comments what you think!
Have an opinion/idea? Are the rewards sufficient enough as it is?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!
I’m not saying I am definitely going to add a new reward for MMO releases!
I’m just curious to know what you think would make an interesting reward!
If your suggestion sounds fair and do-able, I might consider it though!
So that’s where we are right now.
One more thing I’d like to add is, seeing as to how making changes to the schedules, hearing your opinions about them, and having to restart would be too rushed in a week, I’ve decided to stop Patreon payments for November as well.
With all this happening, I can foresee Chapter 6 probably being the only release this month! Haha!
I’ll reactivate my Patreon on 4th December 2017!
Hope you don’t mind!
Please bear with me for a little bit longer!
Never forget, your love and support is always appreciated!
Rando loves you much much, and he’ll see you again.
Very soon.

29 Responses

  1. Thank you for the news!
    A wild thought: what would you say about guest comics/fanart?
    I’m sure there are plenty of fan (me included) that’d be super-happy to send you some art. That could help entertain people and save you some time?

  2. Whoa you don’t need to blame yourself that much, you should take care of yourself and your family.
    Some cool paetron things would be streams, maybe tutorials???

  3. I don’t think doing the “Chapter #X part Y” thing is a good idea. You might end up making the entire continuity of the series more convoluted if by some chance you managed to get stuck on some specific part and had to redo things (HL2:Ep3 style).
    If you ask me, just stick to some manga-like release cycle where you do a 20-25 page chapter weekly or alternatively a 45-46 page chapter monthly, with no “parts”, “acts” or whatever splinters anywhere in between (except maybe for specials). This way you will have more flexibility with both your storytelling and work schedule, all while not having to be confined to a specific setting during each release phase. This might also give you some time to focus on other stuff like doodles or maybe even MonthlyWis.

    Also while on that note: Why on earth did you think working on an 80-page release was a good idea to begin with? do you like hurting yourself or something? because it kind of does make your “i don’t want to burn out again Q_Q” statement sound a bit masochistic you know.

    Anyhow, good to see you back. If you ever find yourself again in a pinch where you have to choose between work and family time, just go with the later and don’t even bother with these lengthy explanation posts until after everything settles. Twitt about it real quick if you want to let everyone know you’ll be gone, but don’t end up deprecating yourself afterwards by saying “it’s all the artist’s (my) fault! T_T” or some other crap.
    Even if for some reason you do feel like you own us something, don’t freaking kill yourself over it dammit.

    1. You have good points. But I dont think he can handle a manga-like release cycle. Maybe 20-25 page chapter monthly would be possible.

  4. You could do a high level reward that makes the subscriber an NPC in a future comic panel, even if it is just in the background

  5. Welcome back once again Boss-Rando!
    1) sorry to hear about what you are going through. 2 recommendations. Do a video recorded interview with him and ask him as much as you can about his life. Dementia sucks and its nice having a reminder of them in a better place. Edit out any time they get fuzzy.
    Thankfully there are a lot of forums dedicated to proper care and help in dealing with the situation. I used to have a gf whose grand parent was afflicted.

    2a) why not just do every raffle on the same dates instead of having to do all that annoying math?
    The 1st week and the 3rd week?
    Makes the whole thing easier to remember and to plot on calendars.

    Schedule would be then
    1st week → Doodles
    2nd week → Comics
    3rd week → Doodles
    4th week → Comics

    The only difference of what I say from what you being that the 5th week would/could be artist’s choice.
    So 4 weeks of structured content delivery, and in months with a 5th week, it would be your choice of whatever.
    Help you start a stock-pile / backlog, and also helps, cause if you ever have to interrupt the schedule again, all you have to do is look at thr calendar and say “3rd week of the month? Okay I need to release a doodle.”

    2c) Huzzah! I gotta think of a question quick like … oh I’m no good under pressure! Uh … crap. I’ll think of one later, skip me for today >_<

    2d) Make sure to remain subjective and true to your work. If its a little light because it feels better to you that way, then its totally fine to end a chapter after 5 pages, rather than pad it to 25. Though I usually don't see much padding in your comics, so this is probably a moot opinion.

    3) Patron stuff :Updates, Early Access, and Behind-The-Scenes.
    I don't know what behind-the-scenes is, but I always get a kick outta seeing sketches and measures of comics released alongside the actual comic. (So would that mean early acceaa to comics for patrons, then a raw data/sketches of the comic release for patrons when the comic is released to non paying public.
    Recipes! I luv cooking and trying new foods. Ignore if you don't cook though.
    I don't patron, but am always utterly and completely jealous of patrons when I hear about all the goodies and early access benefits they recieve!
    I always like donating in physical currency, so I'm more prone to do commissions at conventions and what not.
    Though if I were to ever become a patron, I would patron you because you are BRUTALLY honest.
    I've got comrades who patron who go MONTHS without getting any content, but still getting charged by other artists.
    But you are so completely HONEST and good hearted, that you refused the patron money.
    That is rare and completelu appreciated.
    You may want to take a vote of your patrons about whether they liked or disliked not being able to patron you. (I would not like it if the person I was patroning was goin through a rough spell, could use the money, and was too honest to accept it. It kinda robs ya of that "helping feeling" you get from helping others. Then again, if they wanted to, you did give enough warning that they could have pulled the money themselves, if they were a commerce type "money for goods" mindset. I would say ask your patrons how they feel personally about that situation.

    Oh, that brings up another idea. Patron updates for any disappearances that may occur (but hopefully they never will again). At the very least, so they can help the rest of the community know you are still all right and alive.

    Hope things are well with you now comrade, and you be blessed with good health and wealth.

  6. If you do alternate between posting comics and doodles, can you at least post the doodles here, too?

  7. *squeaky voice lost in the cheering crowd*
    YEEEEEAAAAAAS! Thank you for the update! Take care of yourself! More silly faces pleeeeeaa-
    *gets shoved away by busty girls screaming louder their love for Randowis*

  8. The worlds destruction got stoped!
    Keep it up buddy and don’t forget we just wait for the amazing good content. It’s our only expectation, which you’ve easily satisfied till now!
    As for the “I won’t go much into detail”-thing I’m happy for you it’s over. Everyone is happy when the unspeakable things of his live get to sleep or just vanish. Too bad they often don’t.

    We’re patiently waiting for the next chapter!

  9. At least you try or do come out with comics more often then some other web comics glares at necropolis

  10. A classic rando. Disappears for a while, everybody gets worried and then he just bursts back in and is still loved by his fans, well played Sir.
    As for that patreon exclusive thingy: How about a timelapse of you drawing a comic? Maybe there is a programm that would basically screenshot your work every 10 seconds and at the end of it you just splice it together. That would mean hardly any extra work for you but an interesting video for your patreons.

  11. I hope you and your family are okay!
    2. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me how often you post, I’ll still check back every day 🙂
    Remember, these plans aren’t set in stone, so change them whenever you need! And PLEASE don’t leave for so long without an update or a word on how you’re doing! We care about you ♡♡♡
    As for Patreon, if you’re worried about money, just keep doing you. So many people love you and will be more than willing to pay, and they’ll spread your comics far and wide and you’ll get more fans and more money!

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