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We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 6

We Live In An MMO?! » We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 6


After 8 months in the making, Chapter 6 is finally out!
All of you know how much time and effort I’ve put into this, and it’s finally done! The wait is over!

Don’t forget! Chapter 6 onwards is read from right to left!
Please enjoy the read and let me know what you think in the comments!

Thank you all for your love, support, and most importantly, your PATIENCE for this release!
I hope you’ll love it!

112 Responses

  1. Well damn, things have certainly gotten interesting! You’re doing an amazing job with this story!

  2. gonna guess that she is thinks killing them is freeing them from their torment of being incapable of choosing.

  3. Damn, what an exciting chapter, great cliffhanger too!

    That’s Lu right? I don’t think that’s a sister/mother.. Altho it might be.
    Looks cool, I take it that’s her transformation?
    How did she get her second chance? From page 60-61 I guess she probably killed at least a hundred NPC:s and players. Was she possesed or was it her own will? How did our heroes survive this encounter and how was it decided that she would join their party?
    …. so many questions ….
    This is very well drawn, I love all the expressions and humor in it, it also shows great detail, You’re very skilled! Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

  4. Oh my god dude. I get this the same feelings from when naruto’s manga was still on going, when I read this comic. I actually started just now. This is amazing dude. Keep up the good job, awesome arts too! And humour. 😂

  5. This is good stuff. I am interested in seeing if the npcs ever share their feelings verbally.

  6. Dude not only are these awesome but your comics are as well!! I couldn’t stop laughing for like 30mins! Keep it up man!

  7. Just started from chapter 1 today, great work mate ! I’d buy the paper edition anytime !

    1. It’s made like a manga, you have to read from the right side of the page to the left side, instead of left to right like we usually do.

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