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Monster Hunter: Beginnings

Short Comics » Monster Hunter: Beginnings

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Hopefully Monster Hunter World has a smoother start for you.

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  1. do you guys actually play? and if so, do you play on xbone or ps4/waiting for pc to come out?

  2. I know that struggle,getting our asses kicked by a monster while the self-esteemed trainer laughs at our broken limbs and tells us something worse will come tomorrow…*sigh*

  3. I’ve played every Monster Hunter game released in the west, they are very good games. This one is the first one to not use sectioned instances which is a VERY big change for them, but I did play the beta and the game feels AMAZING. I’m super excited for everyone just starting out in MH for the first time, as well as worried that the amount of depth in the game might throw some people off.

    I hope everyone enjoys the game as much as I know I will and welcome to the family!

  4. lol, they anounced today a new system where veterans can take newbies as their “pupils”.
    mfw players are gonna do something the game is supposed to provide : TIPS

  5. The beta was my first experience with Monster Hunter. It was good, although the controls felt cumbersome.
    If you’re new to Monster Hunter, I’d advise a little patience. Each weapon has a ton of depth and nuance. Each monster has telegraphs, openings, weaknesses and tendencies. No, you aren’t going to pick up the controller and go hamm your first time.

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