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Doodle Winners #21 – 30

Every 2 weeks, Patrons make doodle suggestions on Patreon, and the highest voted comments, plus one bonus comment, will be made into a doodle by yours truly!

I was initially going to upload these doodles individually, but if I did that, the entire homepage would be spammed with doodle uploads!

WordPress won’t allow me to hide posts from the ‘Home’ page unless I pay them $300/year, so I guess I’ll just have to upload these doodles separately in groups of 10 up til the latest one!

Anyway,  let’s see who the lucky winners were for weeks 21 – 30!
(I’ll be copy-pasting this message on the other groups of 10, so feel free to skip reading the text in the other posts!)


Week #21:



Week #22:



Week #23:



Week #24:



Week #25:



Week #26:



Week #27:



Week #28:



Week #29:



Week #30:


4 thoughts on “Doodle Winners #21 – 30

  1. Why in the zombie apocalypse one why doesn’t Lu have 3 hands or 4 because she using her fingers as a gun because it’s obvious that the picture based off of Left 4 Dead’s no mercy loading screen do that loading screen for some odd reason Zoe has three hands and you look closely you can see it

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