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We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 7 (Part 1)

Hey everyone!

Chapter 7 (Part 1) is finally out!

Hoo boy, was this chapter a chore to handle! A great many things happened during the production of this chapter, but don’t worry, I won’t get down into the details. However, there is something I came to a conclusion to while making this chapter, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to share this with all of you.

(If you hate TL;DR stuff, feel free to skip to the last paragraph and continue reading the chapter below! No worries!)

I know I said, a long time ago, that I’d break down chapters into parts for more frequent releases, and for a short period of time, it seemed to be working. Unfortunately, life as we know it, is unpredictable. So much so that this 32 page chapter took nearly as long as Chapter 6 did (Chapter 6 = 9 months/ Chapter 7 (Part 1) = 7 months), and chapter 6 had 82 pages.

I sacrificed time from many things (family, friends, myself) to make time for this chapter, all of which were in vain, as whatever problems we had at the time never left, work was still slow and my self-esteem only dropped. Eventually, as much as I’d wanted to avoid them, I found myself making the same choices I made before I burnt out in late 2016 (that being: work before anyone else, including me). However, with the help of  MamaWis, Mike, Neo and Amirul (Aloysius was busy with University/College), they helped me realise that I had one other choice.

It was then when I reached a conclusion.
Sacrificing the time I could have spent on all these things (family, friends, myself), only made working harder to cope with and it didn’t speed things up one bit. In fact, sacrificing all that time sometimes made situations worse; by not giving the people that matter the attention they need. There’s a lot of guilt in that too. So the moral of the story is, given time, your problems and work will eventually pass, so why bother sacrificing everything else to try and speed it up. I’m not saying that I’ll be taking my own sweet ass time to finish MMO from now on, no. I’ll still work hard to get a release every 3 months! What I AM saying though, is to make sure you have your priorities right, unlike me. ‘Work’ is not worth sacrificing the time you COULD have spent with the people you should, and sometimes it’s better to let problems ‘eventually’ solve themselves.

It’s hypocritical of me that in the past I had mentioned that ‘family’ and ‘the people you hold dear’ come first. I guess sometimes I get so caught up with wanting to get stuff done, I forget all of this and end up looking like a fool, as everyone gets sacrificed (not literally of course) for a price that’s not worth paying. So, please, learn from my mistake.

On a last note, it’s funny that I only remember this now, but I’ve had someone in the past tell me that everyone juggles five balls in their lives; family, friends, health, spirit and work. Of which, ‘work’ is a rubber ball, while every other ball is made of glass. Meaning you could drop the rubber ball, and it would probably bounce back, but drop any one of the rest and they’ll never be the same, or gone for good. (You could probably google this metaphor today though, lol)

Anyway! That’s it from me! Sorry about the long ass story, but I hope it helps some of you out there! Rambling aside, I thank you for your patience and understanding, and I hope you’ll enjoy the read! Do let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Don’t forget to read from right to left!



54 thoughts on “We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 7 (Part 1)

  1. I have no idea if I have posted here before or not. I have been reading this for a while.

    I love your art. It is worth the wait. Why isn’t this an animated series?

    I hope all is well and may prosperity shine on you.

  2. Hey Rando,
    I’ve been following for a while (years) and you keep impressing me. I’m always happy to wait for the best you can do, so please take your time, don’t rush it. Most of us are here for the long game,

  3. I have only heard of you today, technically yesterday by the time I finish typing this, yet I have read all, and yes I mean all, of your works. I absolutely love what you draw and your type of humor. With every comic strip I saw, I was laughing my ass off. Almost literally. With every mmo comic, not only did my sides hurt from laughter, but as a quite new and young writer, I found that you know, quite well if I might add, how to push a story forward without cutting off a joke too suddenly to progress story or vise versa. I found myself on the edge of my seat in every moment when the story was going through. I honestly don’t know too many comic artists but you’ve definitely peaked my interests. To summarize this part of what I am typing to you, I only say, thank you and good job.

    On an entirely different note and I understand that this is going to sound rude and/or annoying, I want to help in some way because I don’t have any money to donate, but I’m oddly good at making dad puns. You need a dad pun? I’m you’re man. With some context and maybe a key word, I can make a pun out of anything. If you read this and do not care or don’t want my help, I understand. Artists have a flow and some things can get in the way, like me. I don’t wanna be a rick. Have a good day. Who knows? You might actually see and reply to thus. Even a no would get me excited.

  4. This is so Amazing in so many levels! Your work really inspired me and i’m sure many more others. Just reading that long ass TL;DR, i really starting to understand and appreciate your work much more! Thanks for putting your time into these amazing comics! Love Ya! You are a real Legend 😉

  5. Holly crap I’m loving this story more and more the longer it goes on. I really hope you do this for a long time man

  6. Greetings, mr. Randowis.
    I don’t really comment very often, on anything, but your work is truly extrodinary. I love your jokes (they never fail to make me laugh) and I adore this comic. It is truly amazing and by far my favorit comic, as of yet. I am truly impressed by your energetic and uniqe art style, and I have found myself studying the art of your comics far more than any other comic I’ve seen. I truly hope that you are well, and that you’ll containue with your work. I wish you every good fortune for your future. (Btw i hope that my english wasn’t too terrible, since it’s not my first language).

    • Why is that people who don’t have English as their first language are either better in English than some native speakers, or can’t string two sentences together? And by the way, your comment was perfectly written, extremely formal and with 90% better grammar than what I’ve seen recently.

  7. Reading your “long ass” message made me value your work more.

    It is not only filled with hardwork but also love and appreciation for those around you.

    Being a Singaporean, a lot of people around me seem to forget what family means and focus only on themselves, their work, and/or competition.

    It is beautiful that you feel this strongly about work-life balance. All the best to you!

  8. Thanks again for another amazing chapter Rando ( ^ ^ )b , will patiently and excitedly look forward to next one.

  9. Rando, you are doing great work. I was trying to write a story and I couldn’t get past chapter 13. Don’t worry too much about these things (sure we’d like to bloody read them…but) don’t make things stressful on you just so you can say its done. I made that mistake. Just enjoy your comic creations and have fun.

  10. You know, Rando is a heckin alchemist.
    At first, he gave us the „MMO“Poisen and that was the first time we felt thirsty. It was the exact moment we were doomed.
    I thought it’s impossible, but after every „MMO“-Chapter I am not simply thirsty as at the first one. Now I crave for that dope. Keep it up pal!

  11. Rando, your art and storytelling only improves, it’s well worth the wait. But, considering how long we wait, can I ask for a quick recap of the previous chapter when you release a new one?

  12. this was another epic chapter. great job!!! we understand that life has a tendency to hit us in the balls over and over again. no worries friend. you do whatever it is that you need to. we will be here when its all said and done. keep your spirits up and your head held high. when life rears its ugly head again you curb stomp that mug FOR JUSTICE!!!

  13. How’s it going Rando, take however long you need bud. I’ll still be here going through the rest of your comics and stories laughing my ass off. Keep up the epic work my friend. Take a stumble here and there though remember to keep at it. Also my $2 a month isn’t worth sacrificing family and friends by any means. Texts, calls, lunches/dinners, keep up with them.

  14. Rando I just like to point out that your self-esteem is an asshole =D I mean… I know what happens when Self-esteem drops on the floor, worse still if it breaks as a result.
    But consider this – you have a website, Patreon, Youtube channel. You’ve written multiple comics that people dub, quote, and relate to. Your brows are trying to escape the screen! You’re a firefighter (that didn’t change no?) – meaning that you’re a hero in making. And you’re engaged in making a comic about FIVR(Full Immersion Virtual Reality) MMO game (I assume it is FIVR game all weirdness aside).
    Now you might be taking your sweet time finishing it but that aside – what could be the reason for your self-doubts? Cheer up, man! You’re not a manchild who can’t draw feet, females in general and unable to make more than one face! You’re not obsessed with guns that has two holes to shoot from, or pouches. Your art is distinct, you can tell the difference between characters, and girls look sexy.
    Sure Life can defecate on the fan, or worse mate with it – but it’s not like we don’t understand.


    Absolutely noice Rando. Do your thing. While waiting sucks it only makes the goosebumps-factor higher when we finally get a new chapter. Btw.: while reading your MMO series i always listen to the Fullmetal Alchemist Soundtrack: Amerstris Military March. Fits really nicely

  16. Keep up the great work rando, thanks for making such an entertaining comic! dont push your self too hard man!

  17. awesome! I don’t care how long I have to wait, if the quality stays like this! 😀

    thank you for the time and sweat you put into this!

    • It takes a while, just be happy that you get to experience this story and appreciate the sacrifices he’s making to make these.

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