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Doodle Winners #61!

Hey everyone!
Here are last week’s doodle winners!

You all know what I’m gonna say, “Sorry for being late… AGAIN!”.
The winners last week went through several re-dos before I was satisfied!
I hope you guys didn’t mind the late post though!
Thank you for your patience!
Hope you like’em!

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Bonus Winner:


12 thoughts on “Doodle Winners #61!

  1. You’re not actually still using Windows XP as a daily driver, right? That’s the borderline IT equivalent of being an Anti-Vaxxer nowadays.

    Also, what are the chances you could upload all your doodles as their own series on Tapas or WebToons?

    • Sure, just let him use Windows XP if he likes it. Let people be Anti-Vaxxers if they want to. Why wouldn’t people be allowed to live according to their own preferences as long as they don’t disrupt other people’s lives?^^

      • CyberAids, that’s why. One severe enough attack on Rando’s PC’s and whatever self-sustainable job he had as a freelance artists takes a hit in the groin. If that happens, not only will he personally get royally screwed IRL, it also means we might not be getting any new content from him for a while (or at worst, if at all).

        Analogues to Anti-Vaxxers, who are not only screwing themselves by not vaccinating, but also everyone in their surrounding by serving as a delivery mechanism for various contagions.

      • Tbh, being anti-vaxx puts in danger the people around them and themselves since they are a million times more likely to get diseases that could’ve been easily avoided

  2. I’m not gonna say it… I swear… I’m serious… Buuuuuuuuut, IS THAT A JOJO’S REFERENCE!?

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