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Apologies for the silence these past 2 weeks!

News » Apologies for the silence these past 2 weeks!
Also, just wanted to apologise for the silence these past couple of weeks! I’m currently recovering from a throat infection and flu that I caught during last weekend, and had to settle some personal matters the weekend before.
My apologies for not notifying you guys sooner.


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  1. ‘sup rando, can you draw MMO cast in one punch man costume
    Lu as puri-puri prisoner
    Rondo as tornado
    Mike as Mumen rider
    Grandpa as Bang
    Amirul as genos (and showing the awesome me)
    All of them are with Saitama

  2. Ah, No worries at all rando, I merely happy to know that you are indeed alive, if not quite well. All the best wishes and luck

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