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Short Comics » Shave


Should’ve gotten a different colour.

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  1. Wash both, then shave with both. And mark them for gods sake!

    I mean yes its all “ew, your butt” and all, but this is your body mon! and if you don’t keep it clean then it’s obviously your fault.

  2. Well…………… I…. Please tell me you did the sensible thing and threw both of them away before breaking down in the shower crying until Puss came in and smacked some sense into your unshaven face and then you ordered new razors to replace the perfectly good ones. It’s what I would do if I were you.

  3. I love your content! You have a great way of illustrating those inner thoughts we all have. I’ve been a huge fan for years but have just recently become financially stable enough to be a patreon member 🥰 I cant wait to see more of your art 🖼 you’re incredible!

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