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We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 11

Hey everyone!
Chapter 11 is out!
Hope this helps to keep you occupied (even if by a little) in this time of isolation!
As always, thank you for your love, patience, and support!

Don’t forget! Chapter 6 onwards is read from right to left!
I’d love to know what you think, so let me know your thoughts in the comments as well! Hope you enjoy the read!



58 thoughts on “We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 11

  1. Omg I just discovered this and binge read the whole thing! It’s sooooooooo good. Keeping my eye out for future chapters!

  2. Well it’s been over a year now. I’m still trying to be patient, but I’m starting to get doubts about the next update. Still, I am trying to stay positive. Regardless of everything I just said, this comic is incredible. Love the characters, humor, art style, and plot points. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

  3. You should draw Amril looking in random direction with his eyes squinted looking really dramatic saying foo.

  4. Just dropping in to say, this is now officially my favorite webcomic. It’s hilarious, the story is well thought-out, and the serious moments have me on the edge of my seat.

    Also, the art style is a perfect mix of adorable, goofy, and grotesquely funny. Everyone’s “are you fucking kidding” reaction faces are so great.

  5. This is just beautiful,

    Please for the love of everything that is do not understand my comment as bad critic.

    I love the story so far!
    Its “simple” in terms of following the plot/ storywise. but thats what i love about it. This way you keep the original vibes and energy flowing around the world you are building. I can imagine Mmo having been some kind of fun way to implement your friends into your drawings. and with your skill it turned into something big. I really wish this to become a full book that – when read to end – will be put aside to make space to wash the readers tears away.

    That said, you have my support, not from this account, but you have it 😉 make this story something you can be proud of, and when you finally put the pen aside and the last chapter is written, i will be there to shed a tear for the great time you gave me. And it already made me dream again of good fantasy stuff.

    I hope you will find your Lu someday 🙂

    Also i cant wait for more, but i think enough people already said that. 😀


  6. Ah yes, another webcomic for me to love in the present and then forget about for several years because it takes that long to update. Awesome work Rando, see you in 2025.

  7. Hold up. In Chapter 3, they literally reset their attributes points. Can’t you do the same here Amirul? Like, putting some of it in Agility? Or maybe even use some Support spell?

      • Ignore the top post of what I just said.
        I think it only applies when they level up and when they earn like a certain number of attribute points.

  8. I knew this comic yesterday, read and i like it so much.
    I really like the idea world of RPG with NPC With real feelings and i love the characters.
    XD Greetings from Chile
    (I’m learning to speak english so i sorry if its not understood or its misspelled)

  9. THAT’S SO COOL!!!
    Just discovered this comic today, and absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see where all this is going.

  10. It would be awesome when after the rescue, lu glitch will somehow go to every NPC in the village, allowing them free will, including the royal guards. Can’t wait to see the rest of the story Rando!!!!!

  11. Time to wait another year for the next part hurdur…
    A delayed comic is eventually great, a rushed one is bad forever.
    Keep up the good work, take your time and stay safe, always nice reading these 🙂

  12. Love the expressions and I can’t wait to see Lu’s journey through the Banrison to find our wayward Warrior

  13. Ahhhhh…. Getting dem goosebumps from this! I think I’m going to download all pages to read offline in case anything ever happens to this website.

  14. I love the fact, that merchant probably hesitated. His face may look like he is angry, but I think the reason for that is the fact, that those who protect NPCs are trying to put themselves in danger. “S-Stop!” he said in the first panel with him calling for help. He hesitated. He did not want to put them in danger, but did he have a choice? He is programmed to do this. Mike may act a little annoying with his pranks, but he always paid and never harrased NPCs.

    They never harmed any NPC in the village. Merchant was in fact hesitating in my eyes.When he was calling for “help” he did not look at Mike’s face or even eyes, despite the fact that he did literally a panel before and when Mike pranked him in first part. He was angry, not because Mike stole something, but because he had to call for help.

    Amaizing job as always Rando! Maybe one day this series will be animated. You deserve it!
    I love the part where Amirul cries with blood cuz of his pride XD
    Greetings from Poland!

    • I forgot about merchant’s line – “What do you think you’re doing?!”

      This, for me, is also a proof.
      What do you think you’re doing, stealing my stuff, eh?
      What do you think you’re doing?! You may die, you idiot! You can’t defeat them!

      NPC’s of this village care about the crew.

  15. Wait wha- OH THIS JUST CAME OUT TODAY!? Haven’t checked on this comic in a while and just came recently to find that funny panel where Rando was old and hairy but turns out he wasn’t and Lu came to rescue him… I can’t find it though… ;c

  16. Webtoons notified me that this had updated so I rushed here to read it and now I’m heading back to webtoons to give it a heart

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