Hello Everyone, Goodbye Patreon.

Oh no. Clickbait.

Anyway, below are the screenshots of the entire Patreon post I made regarding Patreon’s policies and why they convinced me to leave the site. The post no longer exists on Patreon (along with every other post there) as I have unlaunched my Patreon page and am currently in the process of getting it completely deactivated. Feel free to read at your own time.

*1 – (Rando’s Tweet Disapproving Of Patreon’s Actions)
*2 – (Patreon’s Tweet Denying The Anime-Style Ban)
*3 – (Waero’s Patreon Post Regarding Patreon’s Guidelines)

I screwed up.

Hey everyone!

Just a quick message; I screwed up big time.
I forgot to pause the billing for this month’s Patreon billing cycle, and by the time I realised, about 100-200 Patrons had already been charged because of my mistake.

As such I have unlaunched my creator page immediately to prevent anyone else from being wrongly charged.

If you are one of those Patrons who have been charged for 1st October 2020, I deeply apologise for this oversight of mine and do know that I am currently in the midst of contacting Patreon to see if there’s a way to refund all of you. I’ll make an update once I get a response from Patreon.

As the RandoWis page has been unlaunched, I cannot make any form of official statements on Patreon itself, hence, I have made this announcement here as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Much love,

P.S I’ll be back soon. Apologies for the sudden silence. Thank you.