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9 thoughts on “Rabbits and Holes 3

  1. also, ha. Bill gates is probably a bigger bitch than you unless you’re a cuck. that’s gotta have some power to it.

  2. I wish you’d recognize your talent and continue with the MMORPG comic. I absolutely love it.

  3. The wallet is sweating in that one panel XD tremendous work as always, Rando. Your talent surpasses the most brilliant artists and your content brings a big laugh to me on the darkest days.

  4. relatable as always brother. Not every one of your comics make me giggle like a retard but every new one brings a smile to me face.

    • I would like to support you, but i don’t want to subscribe to any website and the three upper clothes in your merchstore would be a waste of fabric.
      Can I paypal you some money?

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