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Why… #3

Short Comics » Why… #3

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  1. Bruh, I went to sleep really late, I saw this comic, looked at my alarm clockand it read 3:41 am

  2. Hate this… I really do. I got to sleep exactly at midnight at 00:00 hours. Well, if I don’t sit for extra two-three hours reading, watching memes or playing games. Either way, I manage to sleep like four hours and then I can’t go back to sleep. (T_T)

  3. The irony is that I’m assuming this is when you posted it, and I’m responding to it not even 20 minutes later. Insomnia is a major kick in the ass. Nothing seems to help, and I’ve tried everything. So I just go until I burn out. Makes my sleep schedule a nightmare. Sometimes I get 3 hours of sleep, sometimes I get 15 hours. I feel your pain, Rando.

    1. Wait, are you me? I thought I was me… How many hours has it been..? I’m stuck in a loop… OTL

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