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How you doin’?
Sorry I took 3 months to animate again. Backgrounds are hard.

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10 Responses

  1. You can’t just disappear for what feels like ages, return like it’s nothing, come back with a comic and an animated vibes short, then complain that backgrounds are hard when you decided to do cherry-fuckin’-blossoms! The amount of “more” you decided to bite off was unchewable!

    The animation is absolutely stellar, though. Worth the wait, at least.

  2. can we talk about how puss (poss? pussy? fucking *BOB*?) can just casually walk on its hind legs like a human like its nothing?

    also when are these old ass Q&A videos coming out again? i am sure a lot has changed since then.

  3. Love the way your art style meshes with the backgrounds, another wonderful job, Rando!

  4. Take as long as you need, life is a journey and you are living yours the way it should be lived!
    Btw: Nice, very good art s2

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