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  1. My guy I’ve been looking at weapons updates for like a year T-T . I love you comics and we live in an mmo ❤

  2. Please dude I beg you to release a Book with arts or comics or WE live in MMO it’s been years i want to support you !!! You’ve never failed to make me laugh and i love your style so damn much. Take Care you’re the best

  3. Yo rando
    Can you publish “we live in an MMO” as a book
    I would like to buy one (and of course others would also)

  4. Hi rando! I am one of your fans and I love “We live in an MMO?”! And the short comics? When will the next MMO? Come out, also will you ever do another QNA?

  5. This “About” page…
    really doesn’t tell me that much. It just tells me thanks for reading the comics.
    I don’t really know anything about you, which I guess is a good thing cause you know, INTERNET…
    …But I do like your comics! A lot!

    Wow, just realized how much time I wasted writing this. This comment literally has no effect on anything whatsoever. But I spent too much time writing this to not post it, so… f*ck it!

  6. Wouldn’t hurt to put a little about yourself in the About section. Like I’m from A country but live in B now. Been drawing for C years etc

  7. Holycow. I just looked on Thechive.com under dominos employee draws some dank memes. An the dude has one with your face. Ya need to check it out. It was funny

  8. I’m so excited that you are from Singapore ( i’m from Singapore as well ) !! It’s crazy that i just recently found out about your comics/illustrations !!! Can’t wait to see all your future works !

  9. i am a big fan Rando keep up the work this site keeps me going through my crippling depression

    • Hey man. it gets easier, as we age our mind becomes stronger and no matter what you can go through anything. Unless your joking…..fuck.

  10. Hello this is FlashplayerOcd (Quinten Trieu). Thank you for your response. I go to Northfield school of liberal arts and a class we have is a “senior project” where we find a vocation and stick with it for a year. I have always loved art and comedy and found that story telling through comics would be a great idea. My main question is if you would be willing to help me throught it via phone calls text, etc. Im currently a junior going into senior year but im starting early. Thankyou.

  11. Hey, I always see your stuff on Imgur, love the MMO comic. Have you ever thought about being a part of LineWebtoon? Just curious so that it would be easy to subscribe/see updates from you. Thanks!

  12. Hi Rando,

    I’ve noticed your comics every now and then on Imgur. Just wanted to stop by and say I appreciate your work. I’m curious. Is this your full-time gig? I just enjoy when people do what they love for a living.

  13. Hi! Just wanted to say that your comics are amazing to the point I actually use the faces as references for expressions.

    Also, does the little ghost-boy-thing have a name?

  14. Man, you made my college days fun lml
    when I visited this page, I couldn’t stop laughing
    thanks for everything and never stop doing what you do best!
    May your awesomeness continue going on, never stop doing comics please.

  15. Make a comic section on this website withe all the comics and dont email me back i dont ever go onto it and not my email i like to be unanimous

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  17. HEYA!

    i’ve seen your worked being passed on in 9GAG like nuggets, so i decided to check out your work.

    it was really funny, i really like “No Care Grandpa” a lot.
    why not try the webtoons?

    cya around!

    -fellow wierdo

  18. Hi Randowis! I just found you out via 9gag, and I want to say that you are really awesome. It’s been a long time since someone made me laugh to tears. Congratulation! You just won yourself a fan!

  19. Thank you for sharing such hilarious art! I love how you manage the facial expressions of your characters, and how their personalities come across in just a few lines!

    Much love from Switzerland, and don’t give up chasing your dream!

  20. I read your comics before and I love your style and topics. I just found out you got like 4 DIFFERENT SITES. Impressive. I just wanted to ask if you ever show your actual face not just an illustration. Not to be creepy but how old are you? Happy days!

  21. Just found out about you today and I wanted to tell you that I looooove the way you draw the comics, its actually the style I liked the most from every comic I ever saw on the internet.
    (I am not saying that you cant improve or anything like that, its just that it suits my taste perfectly).

    Keep up the awesome work!!! (love from spain!)

  22. Will you publish your work in a real book we can buy ? (or did you already have?)

    I really love your work ! Will buy it for sure !

    • Heya Sigurd!
      Well there isn’t actually any ‘trick’ in art. It’s mostly practice and understanding!
      Everything I do is mostly self-taught through research and making mistakes. So if you wanna improve, you gotta make as many mistakes as possible, and learn from them!
      But most of all, the most important thing to have is passion. It’s the one thing that keeps you going, especially when you feel as though you can’t move forward anymore.
      Hope this helped you.

      Thanks for your support!

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