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Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Rando. Duh.

Q: What does RandoWis mean?
A: I used to call myself ‘Random Wisdom’, but that was long ago when I made comics in private for my friends. After they convinced me to share my comics and realizing how crummy the old ones were, I decided to restart ‘Random Wisdom’ and renamed it ‘RandoWis’.

Q: Where are your old comics?
A: You know that “remove from recycle bin” button? Yeah.

Q: Are you on other platforms?
A: Yes! You can find me on these other sites: Tapastic!, Deviantart!, Facebook!

Q: Do you make other stuff?
A: Yep, I make illustrations and animations too. You can see those if you’d like
here on DeviantArt. I go by the same name (RandoWis) everywhere.

Q: Can I request for a commission?
A:  Sorry! Commissions are closed for the time being! You can read here to find out more!

Q: Can I share your comics/stuff?
A: Of course! I’ll be really grateful if you do! Just promise me you’ll credit me appropriately. Please don’t crop out any credits I put on the comics/illustrations as well.

Q: Where can I support/make a donation to you?
A: If you’d like to support me further, you can do so here on Patreon!
Thank you so much if you did!

11 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I’m looking to get into drawing comics because of how much you’ve inspired me. I love your art style and sense of humor.

    My questions are,
    What kind of tablet do you use?
    What program(s) do you actually draw in?

    I’d really appreciate the help so I can dive in to working on my skills as soon as I can. Thank you for making your comics.

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