‘MMO?!’ Line-up

Another piece of ‘MMO?!’ art! WOW, this took forever to make, but I’m loving the new approach to colouring! Definitely gonna make more, so gotta keep practicing! Also, don’t forget! Asking questions for Lu & Mike’s QnA session ends this Saturday (8th October)! Questions asked will be answered on next month’s ‘Rando’s Monthly-Wis’! Don’t miss […]

We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 1

Dear god it’s finally done!Hey guys, here’s the first chapter of ‘We Live In An MMO?!’Hope you guys like it! Really sorry about not posting last Saturday and the Saturday before that. But as you can see, Rando has spent the past 1 and a half months doing these 22 pages of madness, juggling between […]