The food was horrible by the way.

Edit (2/10/2019): So I’ve realised this comic in particular has been garnering negative vibes for a while now for being somewhat insensitive to some. The joke not being funny is a completely valid argument to make, but do note that this is, with all intents and purposes, a joke. The joke being my ‘response’ to an individual, not the individual himself, nor a particular group of people.

This comic was made during a period of time when I was unsure of how to respond to flirtatious advances made by people of the same gender, as I was still insecure about my own masculinity. Over time, I’ve learned to how to accept these insecurities and grow past them, while realising that there are more mature (and funnier, while still being respectful) ways to turn down flirts that we’re not comfortable with.¬†In other words I’ve realised that my “response” in this comic is the equivalent of being an asshole and I apologise to anyone who felt disrespected with said “response”. Hiding our insecurities (be it mental/physical/sexual) should not be at the expense of anyone.

With time, I’ve grown to understand that I am 110% confident that I not only like, but love, da pussy. However, if I flirted with a lady (not that I have the confidence to), and she responded by flipping me off, it’d be an instant boner killer for me too.

If you felt this comic was homophobic, I can probably understand why. Perhaps this comic was a poor representation of the discomfort and insecurity I had at the time towards being flirted by someone of the same gender, but I hope the explanation earlier cleared things up of what the joke actually was and how it could’ve been done better. Allow me to clarify that I do not have anything against homosexuals, nor was this comic a jab at them.

Also, I won’t delete this comic as I’d like to keep it up as a reminder to always be better than the immature self I used to be, and that I used to be this immature. Hopefully, this can be referred to as proof that, with time, people¬†can be better.