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We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 7

Hey everyone! Chapter 7 is finally out! Hoo boy, was this chapter a chore to handle! A great many things happened during the production of this chapter, but don’t worry, I won’t get down into the details. However, there is something I came to a conclusion to while making this chapter, and if you don’t […]


Don’t panic.

We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 6

IT’S OUT!FINALLY!WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! After 8 months in the making, Chapter 6 is finally out!All of you know how much time and effort I’ve put into this, and it’s finally done! The wait is over! Don’t forget! Chapter 6 onwards is read from right to left!Please enjoy the read and let me know what you think in […]



We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 5

Hey guys!Chapter 5 is finally out! If this Chapter feels a bit short, well, that’s because Chapter 4 and 5 were supposed to be one Chapter together! However, if I did not split these two, then you guys would’ve probably gotten Chapter 4 today instead! Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!