Price increase for shirts on Represent store

Hey everyone! I come bearing some unfortunate news regarding RandoWis merchandise, specifically; shirts. I had planned to relaunch the [ pinku.papuru ] shirts around this time of the year, however, before I could, there is a matter that must be addressed. With the way the world has been recently, the cost of producing shirts have […]

A donation feature has been added!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly mention that a donation feature has been added to the site! For those who’d like to support RandoWis without being tied down to a subscription service, you can now do so via a one-time donation! Click here to make a donation, but before you do, I implore you to […]

[ SITE ISSUE ] Login Issues *RESOLVED*

Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly mention that users have reported trouble logging into the site to access ‘Supporter’ content. If you’re suffering from this issue as well, please know that I’m currently working on resolving this as fast as I can! I’ll update this post if there’s any changes!   UPDATE (02/11/2022): So apparently […]

Special Guest Appearance @ AniManGaki 2022

Hey everyone! Just would like to announce that I’ll be a special guest at the AniManGaki 2022 Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, next weekend on the 28th August 2022 (Sunday)! I’ll be hosting a live-drawing panel with QnA, followed by a signing session at 12.30pm to 2pm! If you’re nearby, feel free to drop by […]

[Supporter] Beats by Rando

Hey there! If you’re seeing this message, it probably means you’re using an RSS feeder or you’ve somehow managed to find the back-end message that protects supporter content. No worries, though, if you’d like to see this post you’ll either need to sign up for a subscription tier here, or if you’re already supporting RandoWis, […]

[MAINTENANCE COMPLETE] Maintenance on 23/01/2021

EDIT: Maintenance for 23/01/2022 has been completed @ 9:16PM (GMT+8) Changes made: – An option to delete your user account has been added – A like button for posts has been added – A like button for comments has been added   Thank you everyone for your patience, if there are any issues or bugs […]

Not So MonthlyWis.

Hey guys! Just something I’d like to confess! Recently I’ve been reconsidering doing MonthlyWis every month. Reason being that it takes too long to make an episode each month, and as a result, MMO/Art/Animations all get kind of neglected. I’ve asked around for suggestions and after much thinking, I’ve finally decided that MonthlyWis shall no […]