Rock Smash

 How it really works. (Based on this short comic.)

Partnership w/ GamerSupps Announcement! Thank you everyone, and GamerSupps, so much for making this happen! Your love and support for the channel has given me this opportunity (among others recently), and for that, I am incredibly grateful! As the title says; I’m now officially partnered with GamerSupps! If you’re into energy drinks, or are looking for a caffeine […]


Rondo and Poss commit the visibly furious crimes. Story generated with InferKit (DEMO): Illustrations, animations, and narration by RandoWis.

Thomas The Dance Engine ft. Puss

The original title for this meme is 大入道トーマス (Onyudo Thomas), where an “Onyudo” happens to be a Japanese yokai, or demon, which is said to be a large floating head of a monk. The context of the Japanese title of this meme is probably a reference to how Thomas The Tank Engine’s face resembles […]