I’m On Pixiv FANBOX!

In case you hadn’t seen the ‘clickbait’ update video earlier, TLDR; I’ve left Patreon and am now officially on Pixiv FANBOX! Support me at randowis.fanbox.cc for only ~$1/month and get access to everything I post there! That’s right, EVERYTHING!

RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS #2 (December 2016)

Hey guys! Here is this month’s Monthly-Wis! Sorry for delaying this episode by a month! Hope you enjoy the read and updates! Have a Happy New Year! Be a Patron today and ask questions for next month!


Thank you all for your support these past 3 months! We’ve been growing steadily and I’m really grateful for all of you helping me to do this as my job! Thank you! Really! Support Me On Patreon Too!