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About RandoWis

Hello, my name Rando!

I create comics, animations, and videos on the internet that are viewable for free, and I hope that you’re able enjoy what I create along with me.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my site, and wish you a pleasant stay.

(Left to Right: Puss, Rando, Lu)


(Left to Right: Amirul, Mike)

RandoWis started in 2011 as a series of short comics that I made for my classmates back in animation school. It was only within our closed group back then, but eventually, in 2012, I was convinced to publish these comics publicly.

It was then that “Random Wisdom” was rechristened “RandoWis“.

What you can find on this site is the entire journey that RandoWis has been on til this very day, and I hope that you can join us as we keep moving forward into the future!


If you’d like to know the rest of the crew (except Lu, who’s too busy baking cookies), you can follow us on our YouTube and Twitch channels below!
We call ourselves the SaltyGeese and currently we play games, but who knows what we’ll do in the future!


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