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'Rando's Not-So-Monthly-Wis'

A panel-styled monthly summary of everything RandoWis in late 2016 is what this was.

This project was a victim of my over-ambition during the early years of RandoWis.
At the time, I naively thought myself able to handle an infinite number of projects at once despite being a solo creator.

Though I had fun making these when they began, the fun began to cease as I had put too much on my plate,
which led to my eventual burnout in 2017 and the discontinuation of certain projects as time went along.

I keep these up here as a reminder of the consequences of unchecked ambition accompanied by improper management;
mistakes of which, I hope you can learn from as well.

Despite the history, I look back at these with a sense of reminiscence and not hate.
I hope that you would too.

– RandoWis

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