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Hey guys!
I’m starting a new monthly show called RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS!
Think of it as a monthly digest of Randowis, where I’ll make
announcements, showcase patreon rewards, and whatnot!
I explain more in the series of images below!

Episodes are posted on the last day of each month!
Looking forward to having more stuff to share in next month’s issue!

Really sorry for the lack of content this month as well, life’s been a bitch. And that’s an understatement.

Thank you for your love and support!

Support me on Patreon!
Watch tomorrow’s Livestream!


OH SHIEEET! Apparently some of you guys brought up the fact that the ‘backwards peace sign’ gesture I had on page 28 was offensive. LOL
I apologise!
I had no idea it meant such a thing, and it wasn’t intentional!
I’ve since changed it!


7 thoughts on “RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS #0

  1. question for mike: Mike if you could live in a game world(not M.M.O) what game world would that be? And please note you live in that worl but you are not the main character

  2. Say Rando, won’t it be easier to just make a YouTube video for this? Reading comic panels that are already obviously styled for video format feels unnecessarily tedious.

    • You have an excellent point my friend!

      I did consider making this into a video, but considering the voice acting and editing required, plus life not giving me the time to invest in Randowis as much as I would like, I settled for making it into a series of comic panels instead!

      But yeah, the panels turned out a lot smaller compared to when I uploaded them into the post. Maybe I’ll reduce the size of the width next episode!
      Thanks again!

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