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RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS #1 (October 2016)

Rando's Not-So-Monthly-Wis » RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS #1 (October 2016)

Hey guys!
Here is this month’s MonthlyWis!
Boy did this take forever!
I seriously did not expect this to have 75 pages!

Hope you enjoy the read and updates though! I think I’ll limit the amount of questions
I’ll answer for next month’s QnA, so that I don’t end up killing myself
like how I did this month.

Yeah I think I should. Oh well.
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14 Responses

  1. I love re-reading the monthly-wis. I’m glad you’re taking care of your mental health, Rando!

  2. Have you guys tried reading “4 cut heroes”? it could be a good reference for “we live in MMO”, It’s a korean webcomic fantasy comedy

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