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RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS #2 (December 2016)

Hey guys!
Here is this month’s Monthly-Wis!
Sorry for delaying this episode by a month!

Hope you enjoy the read and updates!

Have a Happy New Year!
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20 thoughts on “RANDO’S MONTHLY-WIS #2 (December 2016)

  1. So, since you’ve gained momentum again, are there plans on continuing with the Q&A’s, even if in not-monthly format? These are great, actually.

  2. I swear your comedic and artistic skills have me cracking up in the most inappropriate places. Now my boss is wanting to know why I’m cackling like a mother hen in the back of the truck.

  3. If MMO didn’t make me love Amirul already, his favorite Pokemon being Genger for sure made him my favorite out of the group.

  4. god i love those monthly things. Admitedly i was expecting crazier shenanigans after the last one with mike and lu 😛

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