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Rando’s MonthlyWis #3 (JANUARY 2017)

Rando's Not-So-Monthly-Wis » Rando’s MonthlyWis #3 (JANUARY 2017)
Hey guys!
Happy Lunar New Year to all!
Also, surprise! I’ll be overseas next week with MamaWis, so I’m uploading the video today as I won’t be around to upload this month’s MonthlyWis on 31st January!
Hope you enjoy the video!

16 Responses

  1. Oh shit when ur clique is legit the same as Rando. Just that the Amirul is a useless chinese fag and more handsum.

    Pls post more it cures depression

  2. Nice one Rando! Keep up the good work. And I have a suggestion for the next podcast. Please add subtitle. That would help a lot. Thank you very much, can’t wait for your next work!

  3. Loved the pod cast! Three people works great for it. So much banter! So many puns! 101/10 would clap for puns again.

  4. The podcast version is far better in my humble opinion. Your guys’ banter is much more amusing and we get more of a sense of the camaraderie we only get glimpses at in your weekly comics. I don’t think we lose anything from it being written either since you still provide accompanying sketches. The comedic timing is much more recognizable and who would want to miss out on Aloysius’s wonderful puns? As for your question on if there should be more people or not, perhaps seeing how three takes you in the podcast format may be a good way to test the waters.

  5. I must be honest. I prefer when it was written and not spoken. But I imagine that like this you have less work and can take more time to focus on other stuff

  6. Great as always!! I look forward every evening for some new hilarious comics and I am NEVER disapointed!

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