Adventure Calls

Zelda’s in trouble bois. Support me on Patreon for Art Streams, Step-By-Steps, a Timelapse Process Video and more!


Blessed be the kind soul who birthed this gift. Support me on Patreon for Step-By-Steps, a Timelapse Process video and more! Click Here!

Pop Team Epic – Pipimi

Poputepipiku! Testing out some new colouring methods! Whoever created this series is a goddamn genius by the way. 👌 Support me on Patreon for Step-By-Steps, a Time-Lapse Process Video and more!


Kaban-chan! Kemono Friends is a gem. They’d better not be joking about that Season 2 announcement!


Meowstress from Monster Hunter Cross/Generations! A cute energetic young lady is nice for a change! Hiring cute felynes from ugly-ass old people for 9 years can get pretty dull you know. Support me on Patreon!

I’m Marceline

“Please forgive me for whatever I do, when I don’t remember you.” This song killed me. It still does. Also, don’t watch Adventure Time if you have work, bad idea. Reeaaallly bad idea. Support me on Patreon, for Step by Steps, A Full-Sized Version and more! Click Here!


Midnight from My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia! That moment you thought a character was sexy, only to find out she’s a sadist. 10/10, would fanart while getting spanked again. Also, if you’d like, you can become a Patron for Step By Steps, Wallpapers and perhaps a spank from her! Mmh! Click Here To Become […]

Uraraka Ochaco

Ochaco from Boku No Hero Academia!/My Hero Academia! Trying out some new techniques for my Illustrations. Really glad how this turned out! As long as it’s a step forward! Support me on Patreon to get all kinds of cool extra stuff for this piece! Muacks~