Commissions are finally OPEN!

How’s everybody doin?

Good? Well I have even better news for you then.
Bad? Well let’s turn that frown upside down!

I’ve finally finished my COMMISSIONS guide for those who are interested in requesting a commission from me!

If you’d like me to draw for you then please read this guide, and request away!
If not, then don’t worry! I’ll still love you!




Incase of emergency, press the bell.

Speaking of which, god damn, this comic took forever. Originally it’s supposed to be 5 pages long, or 30 panels.
But then I figured I’m just strecthin it, so I deleted pages 3 to 5, AFTER I WAS DONE WITH THEM.
So yeah, 2 weeks worth of time gone. Just. Like. THAT.
Lesson learnt though.  ksbdliabiulbweifybhqbwhbf