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We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 1

Dear god it’s finally done!
Hey guys, here’s the first chapter of ‘We Live In An MMO?!’ Hope you guys like it!
Really sorry about not posting last Saturday and the Saturday before that. But as you can see, Rando has spent the past 1 and a half months doing these 22 pages of madness, juggling between this, life, my other job, and other commitments.
Definitley a hell ride. But seeing it completed just feels so god damn satisfying. Now all that’s left is for you guys to read it, and for me to get started on fuckin’ chapter 2.
But not before a break.
I won’t be uploading this Saturday, but stay tuned for more stuff!
Thank you for your love and support!
Love you much much!

CHAPTER 1 (01)CHAPTER 1 (02)CHAPTER 1 (03)CHAPTER 1 (04)CHAPTER 1 (05)CHAPTER 1 (06)CHAPTER 1 (07)CHAPTER 1 (08)CHAPTER 1 (09)CHAPTER 1 (10)CHAPTER 1 (11)CHAPTER 1 (12)CHAPTER 1 (13)CHAPTER 1 (14)CHAPTER 1 (15)CHAPTER 1 (16)CHAPTER 1 (17)CHAPTER 1 (18)CHAPTER 1 (19)CHAPTER 1 (20)CHAPTER 1 (21)CHAPTER 1 (22)

53 thoughts on “We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 1

  1. Loooove it. Saw your comics in 9gag “Unfair” and it got me here. You are so talented plz continue the good work!

  2. Super nice Rando, I read about your comics on Imgur and love them all ! This is an awesome one indeed – will I be able to purchase a paper edition someday ? Lots of love and keep up the good work !

  3. aweeesome, even better than most of your usual stuff (pretty sure its my favourite) keep up the good work and dont worry about getting it done right away, the important thing is that it has the same quality than this one ❤

  4. Honestly, these are some of the funniest comics I’ve seen. I love the combination of the MMO aspects, the occasional 8bit (or whatever it is) graphics, and adventures with your nonsensical, but totally lovable friends.

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