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Pokemon Go!

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So ‘Pokemon Go!’ just launched here in my country..

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  1. I dont know how most of you chose your team, but as soon as I saw that Instinct was Zapdos, I punched the “Join” button so hard

    Joined instinct the moment the game came out and will never change!!
    Recent deaths for PokemonGo drowning lady was a valor.. I guess she didn’t have the natural INSTINCT to swim before she drowned

  3. As a fellow Instinct myself, I don’t know whether to be offended by this comic, or pleased to count you as a teammate. I think I’ll settle for both.

  4. I saw your comic at Reddit, but it fails to deliver a good punchline.
    It looks more like the Valor player is attacking the Instinct player, based on a team choice that only matters when battling gyms.

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