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16 thoughts on “Wink

  1. Why the fuck is everybody freaking out. If your gonna tell him to move on and ignore that guy, then stop crying and just ignore this comic. That’s like yelling at someone for being loud. Just don’t.

  2. Seeing this particular comic really shows his true character considering he’s done much creepier things with women in these comics

  3. LMAO all the little SJW snowflakes are crying. Seriously guys just grow the hell up and learn what HUMOUR is.

    • There is progress to be made before answering with a finger is seen as humour. Whether your anti-sjw tears like it or not.

  4. Nice and homophobic. This has literally never happened to you and you’re just making an excuse to make a hateful comic. Sad.

  5. I had this happen to me. It was funny. I went in depression because “it’s a prank bro.” Lol.

    People wink at me all the time. Still don’t know how to respond to this day. (^_^)

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