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The food was horrible by the way.

Edit (2/10/2019): So I’ve realised this comic in particular has been garnering negative vibes for a while now for being somewhat insensitive to some. The joke not being funny is a completely valid argument to make, but do note that this is, with all intents and purposes, a joke. The joke being my ‘response’ to an individual, not the individual himself, nor a particular group of people.

This comic was made during a period of time when I was unsure of how to respond to flirtatious advances made by people of the same gender, as I was still insecure about my own masculinity. Over time, I’ve learned to how to accept these insecurities and grow past them, while realising that there are more mature (and funnier, while still being respectful) ways to turn down flirts that we’re not comfortable with. In other words I’ve realised that my “response” in this comic is the equivalent of being an asshole and I apologise to anyone who felt disrespected with said “response”. Hiding our insecurities (be it mental/physical/sexual) should not be at the expense of anyone.

With time, I’ve grown to understand that I am 110% confident that I not only like, but love, da pussy. However, if I flirted with a lady (not that I have the confidence to), and she responded by flipping me off, it’d be an instant boner killer for me too.

If you felt this comic was homophobic, I can probably understand why. Perhaps this comic was a poor representation of the discomfort and insecurity I had at the time towards being flirted by someone of the same gender, but I hope the explanation earlier cleared things up of what the joke actually was and how it could’ve been done better. Allow me to clarify that I do not have anything against homosexuals, nor was this comic a jab at them.

Also, I won’t delete this comic as I’d like to keep it up as a reminder to always be better than the immature self I used to be, and that I used to be this immature. Hopefully, this can be referred to as proof that, with time, people can be better.

25 thoughts on “Wink

  1. I hate having to do this, explaining humor ruins it.

    The joke wasn’t that he hates gay people, it’s subverting expectations. If you remove the second to last panel then the humor is lost, but the way he uses the menu and the smile to get you to think one thing, then subverts it with the middle finger reveal, THAT contrast is the joke. He could have done it with anyone, but the point of the joke hinges on him being unattracted to the person hitting on him in public. So he picked the most obvious thing as a likely straight dude, another guy. He could have used an ugly chick, too, but you vapers would be pissed off about that as well.

    Honestly, anybody that thinks there is no joke here is being intellectually dishonest. Get off your high horse.

  2. Isn’t this a perfect time to do a creative montage of the other characters receiving and dealing with the same situation in different ways. Like Amirul crossing his arms in mid air and shaking his head, or Mike walking over and politely declining. Lu and Puss would probably just do the same as Rando. (Heck make Lu’s version between the two versions of herself.)

  3. Whoever gets offended by this or any other comic online is an insecure snowflake that needs to stay off the internet. Dont give in to their bullshit. It will eventually make you as bad as they are.

    • just saying, not to offend or anything, but….that guy wasn’t just looking at Rando. that guy was flirting with Rando. and that is called an insolent person. l bet Rando didn’t even know that guy!! so i understand why Rando stuck the middle finger

      And anyways,its just a joke! We shouldn’t be making such a fuss!!!.

  4. Why the fuck is everybody freaking out. If your gonna tell him to move on and ignore that guy, then stop crying and just ignore this comic. That’s like yelling at someone for being loud. Just don’t.

  5. Seeing this particular comic really shows his true character considering he’s done much creepier things with women in these comics

  6. LMAO all the little SJW snowflakes are crying. Seriously guys just grow the hell up and learn what HUMOUR is.

    • There is progress to be made before answering with a finger is seen as humour. Whether your anti-sjw tears like it or not.

  7. Nice and homophobic. This has literally never happened to you and you’re just making an excuse to make a hateful comic. Sad.

  8. I had this happen to me. It was funny. I went in depression because “it’s a prank bro.” Lol.

    People wink at me all the time. Still don’t know how to respond to this day. (^_^)

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