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RandoWis is on Twitter!

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Hey guys!
I needed a place where I can post minor updates, and what better place than twitter!
Hopefully this way, I won’t spam all my other sites when I have small things to
announce or update you guys with!

Also, each week’s doodle results will be posted on twitter!*muacks*
Follow me here if you’d like!

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4 Responses

    1. Really?! I’ve clicked on all the links that connect to my twitter and they all work fine for me though. (Side widget, the link here etc..)
      Or maybe I’m not clicking the link that you are. Mind telling which link is giving you a hard time?

      1. Ah, false alarm. It’s not an issue when using a browser that supports the Twitter WordPress plugin.
        Thanks for your speedy reply and apologies for my late one as well as any cause for alarm.

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