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Short Comics » “ME”


Sorry Mike. I tried.

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    1. Well that just means you’re below the 60IQ threshold. Don’t worry, you’re in good company with the rest of the retards in your family.

  1. boy: spell Me
    girl: M, E.
    boy: You forgot the d
    girl: there is no D “DICK” in me
    boy: not yet xD
    D – Dick
    Me – Myself

  2. oh… i wouldn’t get it if not for comments… I though it is med too, like med form medic so some medicine student or something…?

    1. D = Dick, so he is saying “There is no D(ick) in ME”, to what he replies “not yet” as if he is going to fuck dat boi.

  3. tbh when i first saw him say that the d was missing i also thought med and was like wtf?

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