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Short Comics » “ME”


Sorry Mike. I tried.

12 Responses

  1. My native language isn’t english, and i literary put “MED” in the translator before get it hahahaha 😅

    1. Well that just means you’re below the 60IQ threshold. Don’t worry, you’re in good company with the rest of the retards in your family.

      1. What insecure person still uses retard as an insult?

        Maybe go try some therapy for those anger issues.

  2. boy: spell Me
    girl: M, E.
    boy: You forgot the d
    girl: there is no D “DICK” in me
    boy: not yet xD
    D – Dick
    Me – Myself

  3. oh… i wouldn’t get it if not for comments… I though it is med too, like med form medic so some medicine student or something…?

    1. D = Dick, so he is saying “There is no D(ick) in ME”, to what he replies “not yet” as if he is going to fuck dat boi.

  4. tbh when i first saw him say that the d was missing i also thought med and was like wtf?

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