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9 thoughts on “Magikarp used Splash

  1. Lol, well since the early days of Pokemon, Magikarp’s only available attack, was Splash which offered no attack, which in the lore of the game made him a useless Pokemon for battling. In the game, the only way to even level him up was to use the shared Exp. exploit. And even then he wouldn’t acquire any new skills for at least another 13 levels! However those who stuck tried and true by his side, were rewarded with one of the most extreme evolutions into Gyarados a both water and dragon class Pokemon, who carries a savage bite and an blazing death ray known as hyper beam.

    …I also hear fried Magikarp sticks are pretty tasty.

    • Magikarps are also said to be really thin in meat mass, as most of their bodies consist out of a skeleton covered in their hardy scales. Trying to eat one is pretty much an act of desperation in itself, not something anyone would probably be willing to do outside of a “life and death” situation.

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