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Hey guys!

Just something I’d like to confess!
Recently I’ve been reconsidering doing MonthlyWis every month.
Reason being that it takes too long to make an episode each month, and as a result, MMO/Art/Animations all get kind of neglected.

I’ve asked around for suggestions and after much thinking, I’ve finally decided that MonthlyWis shall no longer have a fixed schedule.

It’s not gone though!
Instead, I’ll make a MonthlyWis whenever there’s a huge announcement, a big project, or I feel that there’s enough content for a MonthlyWis. I’ve said before that I don’t like to force my content, and I’m afraid of eventually forcing a MonthlyWis if I keep doing this so often.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that MonthlyWis isn’t fun to make, I enjoy it tons! But I can’t enjoy it as much, knowing that MMO and all the other stuff I’d like to make as well is being pushed aside.

In other words, this month’s episode will be the last, at least until there’s enough stuff to make an episode with quality content.
I apologise to those of you who look forward to it every month (myself included).

I hope this isn’t too much of a change for you guys!
Let me know what you think!
Do you hate it? Love it? Do you think it’s ok?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!

12 Responses

  1. Then the name should be change to Rando’s News Roundup or sth more specific in which separating common FAQs and character/series specific questions to get muse. Each time to read specific kind of comments may help sorting and better organisation instead of a mixture of everything — personal to comic content.

    BTW consider to put more effort on drawing is really time saving, are there any fast forward button in MMO?

  2. You did a great job holding on as long as you did! I was missing the pseudo-weekly comics anyway (don’t get me wrong, Monthy-Wis was awesome, too).

  3. To be honest I am surprised this was even planned to be monthly. I’m an artist wannabe and I know that this sort of thing takes a HUGE amount of time to make, it must definitely take its toll on other projects.

    So, while I enjoy these as well, I think that your other projects deserve their time too and I can’t wait to see more of MMO especially. Therefore I wholeheartedly support this decision!

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  5. Well we knew that was coming, if you consider how long this one bloody comic is you will understand that it is almost impossible to do that every month. Just do it the way you want Rando and keep on doing “We live in a MMO” i wanna see Lu’s transformation and Amirul’s magic finally in action. So far you established that Mike is a badass but that is just not enough (not that i don’t love you Mike, i do!)

  6. I consume all this great content for free, so I have no claim on what the author wants to do with his time. What I want most of all is for him to be stress-free and happy and enjoy making awesome randowis content.

  7. I like the monthlywis stuff but I agree you should only bother with it if there’s something big that needs a special announcement. The Q&A part was fun, but it seems like a lot of work for something so simple. You will have to change the name now though.

  8. It’s totally fine! I look forward to them but you don’t have to force yourself to make them each month, I also love your other content too so I wouldn’t want for it to be pushed aside either. Keep up the good work Rando!

  9. I think you should make it whenever you feel like it. Re-brand it as “Not so MonthlyWis” (Great name btw) and do it whenever you feel you have time. From my perspective I just want 27 more chapters of your oh so awesome MMO comic!

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