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We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 5

Hey guys!
Chapter 5 is finally out!
If this Chapter feels a bit short, well, that’s because Chapter 4 and 5 were supposed to be one Chapter together!
However, if I did not split these two, then you guys would’ve probably gotten Chapter 4 today instead!
Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!


133 thoughts on “We Live In An MMO?! – CHAPTER 5

  1. omg, I love this, you guys are doing an amazing job. I hope you keep making more comics. I feel like you should get this published when you are fully done with it, I would defiantly buy it. keep up the amazing work, love ya (no homo)

    • i love it for all the giggles and for all the “touchy stuff” and if you don’t STOP READING IT NOW!!!!!!

  2. The “Rando has left the party” at the end… Holy Crap. Stabs you in the heart and makes you want more.

  3. Hey Rando i know you may have got your own ideas but how about this:”Another player appears in the village that looks just like Rando ,BUT doesen’t remember his old friends(you know the player oppened another account)?”
    I don’t know, but that would seem pretty cool .
    Maybe that could be a ground idea?!

  4. That’s some good flashback, remember getting a permaban for trival matter, accessing a GM only part of the MMO world by a common player spell, marking a single rune and not benefiting anything by it on Ultima Online free shard. Was a leader of a 30~ souls guild, all of them committed a strike resulting a 8 permaban for those who cursed to hell and back, breaking the rule. 5 years of game play *poof!*
    Good times…

  5. welp, that was the BEST FREAKING EMOTIONS ROLLERCOASTER E V E R…. it went from laughin my ass off so badly to sad in no time… not regrets… but im broke AF and can´t afford patreon right now… will you still love me rando?

  6. Do you have a patreon by chance? Totally loving this story so far and can’t wait for more! I read your comics too but this just blew me out of the water.

  7. also Rando if you’re reading this, take your time man with the comics and gr8 stuff. You have priorities and as fans we should understand for ya. Just rmb to post xd. Cant wait for more! :>

    • You’re some stupid random guy if you actually compare this motherfu**ing FeelingTrain with Boku no pico.

  8. Read it. Got hooked. Laughed my ass off…suddenly shit got real. Dammit, dis the shit right here…
    *holding back tears*
    *sniff* *snort*


  9. legit this shit is worthy of being a fucking comedy anime with feels and everything fking love it and this last one got me as well right in the feels. All of these comic are awesome! Keep it up Mr.Rando and whoever else helps you make all this cool shit.
    ~A Kind Psycho 😀

  10. Oh no!!!!

    Was kinda hoping the npc girl would “break” from her “script” stick for Tango ;(

  11. Wow just wow I’ve been hooked since chapter 1 I can’t wait for more quickly rando my veins need more with out another chapter and rando I will feel like a NPC

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