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Honey, I scrapped the kids.

News » Honey, I scrapped the kids.

Sorry guys but I’m scrapping last weekend’s comic that was intended to be posted today. Been pulling my hair out trying to get the joke to work but I just can’t seem to get the punchline right.

Found myself trying to force the joke out, and that is definitely not a good sign. I guess the main issue was that I wasn’t enjoying myself while creating this comic.

Anyway, figured I’d stop wasting time on a failed piece, and move on with completing the other works.
Sorry it lead to this.

Look forward to the doodles this weekend!

8 Responses

  1. Don’t force things, you’ll just strain something important. Good advice for creativity AND toilet use.

  2. You do you man, it’s a good decision to not publish something you are not 100% proud of 🙂

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