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11 thoughts on “Disgusting

  1. Just got into reading your comics, Rando; these random ones and the MMO one, your Art looks fucking great as well. All I have to say is that you’re fucking awesome (sorry for the language, normal words can’t express how much I admire your work). Have a good day!

  2. * two fat blonde scottish girls saying their going to sing a song when their mum walks into the room screaming* (Mum)WHICH ONE OF YAS DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO FLUSH A TOILET AFTER THEY TOOK A SHET. (youngest fat girl) I wasn’t me… (Mum again)WELL IT WAS FUKIN ONE OF YUS… DISGUSTANG!!!! *slams door* *girls turn to camera and then turn it off*
    That’s how you direct a movie

  3. Why do some of ya don’t know how to flush a toilet after they took a shet? Well it was fokin one of yus! DISGUSTANG!

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