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Get your hands off me.

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23 Responses

  1. Just found you on boredpanda. Had to go through the whole archives. We live in a MMO is awesome, keep the good work! Salutations from Belgium.

    1. Because rando only accepted him he was beginning to get popular before he wasnt so there for he was only an acquaintance to him so when he saw rando’s gesture he was offended by it

  2. Love your work, man! Best wishes from vienna, austria! PS: Wanna be my friend, now that you are rich and famous? 😛

  3. “Now you’re my friend.”

    My reaction: lmao HAHAHA

    *puts a shotgun and aim under my chin*
    the shotgun: “Schklikt,Klikt”

  4. Love your work Rando, keep it up! Would like to see you stream again, but you’re probably busy with the new chapter and IRL stuff. Hope you’re doin’ well though!

  5. Dangit I thought you changed completely to going right-to-left like your Voices comic. Now you’re back to left-to-right and I’m all thrown off O_o

  6. Well you are popular on 9gag now. Which means you have soon 12 year old PUBG with you.

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