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Doodle Winners #1 – 10

Every 2 weeks, Patrons make doodle suggestions on Patreon, and the highest voted comments, plus one bonus comment, will be made into a doodle by yours truly!

I was initially going to upload these doodles individually, but if I did that, the entire homepage would be spammed with doodle uploads!

WordPress won’t allow me to hide posts from the ‘Home’ page unless I pay them $300/year, so I guess I’ll just have to upload these doodles separately in groups of 10 up til the latest one!

Anyway,  let’s see who the lucky winners were for weeks 1 – 10!
(I’ll be copy-pasting this message on the other groups of 10, so feel free to skip reading the text in the other posts!)

Week #1:


Week #2:


Week #3:


Week #4:


Week #5:


Week #6:


Week #7:


Week #8:


Week #9:


Week #10:

8 thoughts on “Doodle Winners #1 – 10

  1. Hi, Im brand new to this and i absolutely adore all of your content, Please never stop what your doing and keep on working hard, I hope your daily life is also thriving as much as this comic is!!!

  2. Wow I mean on the Doodle “Everyone as Children” Rando is like the big brother of lu who always watch and take care of her.

  3. Oh dang, I remember these all the way back in your videos. Man I love those… and the comics too… just everything you make dude.

  4. If this function is only in paid version of WordPress.com, maybe you should move your website to dedicated hosting? You can easily migrate your database and frontend but also configure WordPress exacly how you need it.

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