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Hey everyone!
I’m finally on LINE WEBTOON!
HOLY SHIT do they have a lot of restrictions though!
If you use LINE yourself, feel free to follow me there!

Randowis Series on Webtoon:

‘MMO?!’ Series on Webtoon:

(This is actually me, and not the Rando Mk2 that got removed earlier by the way.)

P.S On a side note, thank you everyone for your kind words and support! Things are recovering on my end, so don’t worry!
Words aren’t enough to express the gratitude I’ll always have for the love and support from all of you, but nonetheless, thank you!
I’ll be sure to keep improving myself so that you guys receive only the best!

Again, thank you.


3 thoughts on “I’m on LINE WEBTOON!

  1. I was about to comment that you should put it on webtoon becuase more people could see it (and I find it easier to use section to keep track of all the stuff I read) then I see this and I’m like ( YYYYAAAA!!) it’s a sign to read it all and I’m excited to read the rest!

  2. hey, I’m interested in following you using line, but how do I find you on Line, do you have like a line ID or a QR code I could use?

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