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Happy New Year! So what’s new?

News » Happy New Year! So what’s new?

Hey everyone!

Hope Christmas and the New Year were great to you!

Rando’s back from the break with a bit of news!
As you all probably know, I took this break because I wanted to focus on addressing the personal conflict of what I believe RandoWis was, and what I’d like it to be.

Well, after some thought, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions, those being:
– Doodles will be discontinued!
– RandoWis will now revert back to 1 comic/week, MMO Chapters, and Art on the side!

During the break, I realised that I wasn’t enjoying making the doodles anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the doodles or anything like that, they were definitely something fun to do with the fans! It’s just that the process of making the doodles started feeling more like a chore. Yeah they might be ‘doodles’, but I realise that I usually don’t allow myself to publish them if I feel like they aren’t up to standard. I can’t bring myself to upload scribbles every bi-weekly I guess. As a result, the doodles take up the whole weekend to make, sometimes longer, to be honest.

It’s another one of those classic mistakes where Rando puts too much on his plate, only to realise he can’t finish everything (remember Monthly-Wis? Rando remembers. Rando will never forget..).


I tried experimenting with the schedule last year to try and balance the workload, from ‘comic + doodle per week’ to ‘comic this week, doodle next week’.
We can see how well that worked out now after 1 year, haha.

So instead of wasting time figuring out how to balance the workload again, I’m just gonna take a step back, and revert to how RandoWis was when it first started; Weekly Comics, MMO, and art on the side!
Those were simpler times, but now I see that they were only made difficult by my own hands. Such blasphemy!

Hopefully this will help in reducing the time taken to make MMO chapters as well! I remember making a joke in 2017 about releasing only one chapter a year, and in 2018, we didn’t even release a full chapter! Shouldn’t have jinxed it, dammit!

Anyway, that’s it from me for now!
I’ll see you in the next post!
Love you much much, and here’s wishing 2019 will be fantastic for you! ♥

9 Responses

  1. It’s your works so I respect your decision. But I believe lots of ppls here love your doodles, ofc me include. I think it’s reasonable that you still do the doodles,just not weekly but once in a while. Just a little idea.

  2. Do stuff the way it makes you happy Rando. And remember, w’all love you bro! <3

    no homo tho .-.

  3. Welcome back Rando!
    Sounds like a legit battle plan. Do whatever lets you keep what you do at a manageable pace.

    Don’t ever force yourself to turn gifts into obligations.
    Setting your quota/gift output-level by asking if people want more of something they enjoy, and you’ll chase a forever increasing metric.

    The best gifts are not based on size, quantity, or obligation.
    The best gifts are from the heart! ♥

    (Although if anyone wants to gift me 1.000.000$ I would be totally happy with that too!) ¥£$!

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