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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the silence over the past week!
After my HardDrive crashed, I tried upgrading my PC which then brought up a whole plethora of new problems. I spent the past week trying my best to fix my PC WHILE making preparations for the move and making the actual move itself.

I was pretty beat up and worn out, but now I’m back!
Hopefully my new place treats me better than how the week before has!

Anyway, here’s another Lu illustration I made!
I’ve made so many that I’ve just called this piece “Lu Sky”.
Been wanting to try out painting traditionally on a digital medium (no zoom outs, less ctrl+z’s, as little digital effects as possible, just colours and brush strokes) and I gotta say, I had a lot of fun making this one!

I still ended up using some digital effects here and there, but I’m thinking of sticking to this painting style and improving on it from now on!

We’ll see though!

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10 Responses

  1. Ayy mate, wonderful artwork here! Sounds like a bit of a burnout though, so hopefully you’re holding out fine.

  2. Sorry to hear the last weeks been so rough, but look at this! That’s one beautiful image you’ve got there, fine work my friend.

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