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  1. Hey I’m Bi. Who cares if you give gay’s the middle finger. Gays to it to each other all the time lmfao. Don’t let the haters ruin your day rando, you are a comedian.

    Jus keep makin de funnie comix u sexi boi.

  2. Hey man, just thought I should leave a message. I hope you’re doing alright, we haven’t heard much from you in a while. I know life can be stressful, but you can make it through. We all get it if you need time away, and we aren’t gonna force ya to make stuff. Hope you’re doing alright man. Take care.

  3. Hey Rando
    not asking for a comic or anything just a quick message saying your doing OK would be plenty, a lot of us are just worried about your well being. so hope your doing OK and if you aren’t I just hope you can talk to someone about it.

    All the best

    • He asked me to tell you “fuck all them pieces of shit who post my webcomics on 9GAG.
      9GAG is for funny, and my stuff, well, let’s just say it’s funny for weebs and shut ins, most of the time. Anyway, fuck you all, go fuck yourselves”

      So there you go.

  4. Randowis, i understand if things have just been to busy for you to post a comic, I just hope your okay man! Sending you best wishes and good luck from one of your biggest fans! I hope you can handle what ever you are going through!

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