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I’ve Been Away.

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Hey everyone.

How you doin? Good?

Apologies but MMO and animations have been delayed a little, as I’ve not been able to work on them over the past 5 days.

I am expected to be discharged later today (27 July 2021), and after a bit of rest, I’d like to go back to making MMO and animations again.

I’d prefer not to get into the details, but to reduce speculation; my intestines had some troubles again but it’s nothing major. Nonetheless, thanks to the hardwork of the doctors and nurses, the problems have subsided for now.

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves. Eat healthily and sleep well.

Love you much much and I’ll see you in the next post.


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  1. Who dares, wins. Good luck with recovery. Just had a hernia taken care of a few months ago because my intestines were also jacked to all hel. Now I got do “exercise”. You’ll be on your feet in no time. Meds on empty stomach is wild just saying. Eat with meds.

  2. Hey.. Don’t worry about.. take care of your self first.. Let’s enjoy YOUR work until we’re old..

  3. Did you get the doctors anything while you were out under anesthesia? (I wish you swift recovery) Let’s hope hospital food in your country is better.

  4. The picture scared me for a second but after reading I was put at ease.

    Also I don’t know if I should feel bad for my first thought after reading “intestines had some trouble” was envisioning you making a comic about this where you say that to your friends and they make some kind a fart/poop joke at your expense.

  5. Thank goodness you’re okay, rest up all you need the community has your back! Obligatory get well soon and stay safe.

  6. We’re all happy that you’re doing okay. Take as much time as you need to recover and gain that inspiration back. I’m sure we’ll all be incredibly patient. We love you Rando!

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