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Known Bugs & Issues:

– Some users have mentioned the Menu Bar on PC is too short, creating a second column for the ‘Videos’ and/or ‘Others’ options.

– Logging in with an invalid username/password reloads the page without informing you of the error.

– Logging out opens a new tab rather than refreshing the page.

– Resetting your Password from the ‘Login’ Button uses a process with WordPress, but resetting from the ‘Submit Feedback’ section uses a process on RandoWis itself. Both are able to successfully reset passwords, though, the expectation was to have a single reset process on RandoWis.

– The comment section has a random tendency to have a bloated space just below where you type your comment. A page refresh should temporarily fix this.


Missing/Suggested functions:

– There’s currently no “Delete My Account” option for those who’d like to remove their accounts after stopping their support. Apologies as I was so preoccupied with getting the registration process to work, I forgot to implement an account removal function. I’ll be working on this soon. (Added on 23/1/2022)

– A like button for posts. (Added on 23/1/2022)

– A like button for comments. (Added on 23/1/2022)



Hey everyone!
I hope you’re enjoying the site so far!

I’ve been getting a healthy amount of feedback from both users and supporters so far!
Unfortunately, based on said feedback, there are a few basic and expected functions/features that I have overlooked.

I’ve decided to list all of the bugs, issues, and missing/suggested functions below to keep track of what needs to be added/fixed, and so that you are aware of the funny behaviours the site may have. I’ll update these as I get more feedback and as I fix whatever I can.

I deeply apologise for not realising earlier that some of these features should’ve been implemented with the site’s relaunch. As for bugs & issues, I’ll try my best to fix what I can but it’s unfortunate to say that with my current amount of coding knowledge, I may not be able to fix all of them.

Should you bump into more issues/bugs/problems, feel free to report them via the “Submit Feedback” button below, or write them down in the comments. I’ll do my best to resolve them asap, but do remember that the site is essentially run by me alone, so I hope you understand if they aren’t immediately fixed.

Nonetheless, thank you, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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  1. Re: RSS and categories – as long as you keep adding the “Supporter” tag/category/section to all supporter-only posts and only to supporter-only posts – it’s really easy to filter them out. And I mean this category: https://i.imgur.com/LE9jxJ6.png

  2. Would be cool if you made the site open-source so your wonderful community can submit improvements 🙂

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